BIM Support

We can provide you with complete ‘end-to-end’ support to help you acquire BIM capability and prepare for BIM certification.

BIM requirements will differ for each individual business, whether you are a construction client, consultant, contractor or specialist supplier. You will need a tailored package of support, depending on your role in the supply chain, scope of operations, business services offered and current levels of capability.

Training and consultancy support is provided directly by BIMcert in our area of expertise, process and procedures relating to the BIM standards, and with ‘best-in-class’ affiliates in related areas of people/collaborative working and technology use/workflows. BIMcert does not receive fees from affiliates or mark up the cost of services provided by affiliates as part of a single package of support.

Our service provides organisations with:

  • Assessment – an individual assessment of your organisation's BIM requirements and current capabilities
  • Tailored package of support to acquire relevant BIM capability
  • ‘End-to-end’ support to prepare you for a tailored scope of BIM certification

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